Logic X

Apple based DAW, great for producing and recording alike with many

effect and instrument plugins to mould your sound. 



Excellent Multitrack DAW Available on Mac or PC


Adobe Premiere Pro

Video editing

Spitfire Audio

Various Orchestral sample libraries to

give your music and epic and realistic sound.


Rode NT1000

Great wide diaphragm condenser mic. Ideal for smooth vocals and acoustic instruments


Rode NT1a

Fast becoming and industry standard. Cardioid condenser mic with warmth and good dynamic range.


Shure SM57

These mic's have been a gold standard in studios for years.

Sturdy all round Dynamic microphones great for many applications including guitar cabs and drums. 


AKG D112

Classic microphone for recording kick drums and bass cabs. Great at high spl's. 


AKG C1000s pair. 

Excellent small diaphragm condenser mic. Great for many applications in the studio or live. 

Will run on phantom power or battery. 


SE Electronic SE1 pair. 

Great for drums, pianos, and acoustic stringed instruments the sE1a is a must have for any size studio.


Pre Sonus AR16 Mixer/Interface

Multi channel usb interface. 16 inputs including 2 switchable mic/instrument preamps. 


M Audio Fast track ultra

Straight forward usb interface with mic and line interface. Ideal for working on vocal and song ideas. 

Also available

Tannoy Monitoring, Roland, Korg and Yamaha keyboards, M Audio and Novation controllers,

Adam Black, Takamine and Ayres Acoustic Guitars.